Damn straight I am.


"kids arent being social now a days because of those brain washing phones" what the fuck do you think we’re doing with the phones. do you think we just stare at the number pad. do you think twitter is just a one way text from a robot bird.




Beautiful french words SMASHY SMASH

3! are u this sign 





I see a lot of people talk about Skype since it’s probably one of the biggest instant messaging systems around the world. Though, I’m surprised more people don’t talk about QQ International?? They’re super similar…

save gonna use that 
Anonymous SENT: Sam Alex

nah these don’t fit me hmm..

chexbear deja vu to deja you??

Anonymous SENT: Jared

not jared
i knew some kid in grade school named jared who was a total dick and eventually got expelled for showing kindergartenders pornography like wtf

Anonymous SENT: Aaron Austin Neal Josh Wyatt

omg all i can think of are gross straight boys w these names

Anonymous SENT: Jake Blake Travis Trey

agh gosh now i feel like these are getting too masculine omg (that doesnt even make sense thats what i want)
thank u tho this is really gettin me thinking

Anonymous SENT: Derek Josh Nathan

oh my god there’s so many names…..
nathan is niceim afraid i know so many dicks w these names